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Drain Repair

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Experts in drain repair, our specialists will deal with any repair work you need done for your drainage system. A cracked pipe can cause many issues and mainly cause collateral damage to your home.


Considered as a drain relining expert, Drain Doctor™ delivers the best drain repair work in Ireland.


The process of drain relining is a successful proven method our experts have been implementing for years.

We place a new pipe inside an existing damaged pipe, keeping the original drainage system to cause less damage during the process. Our Drain Repair experts use the inversion method using pressure to mould the new pipe into the old one.


Implementing the best practices, we bring you the very best repair solutions. If the original pipe can’t be kept because of a serious damage caused, our technicians will be happy to replace the whole system for you.


You should also think about our plumbing and drain cleaning services, which might help avoid all these issues at a later stage. Indeed, if you do not do regular checks and cleaning processes, these pipes will be more likely to break.

For the best in drain repair and leak detection then contact drain doctor today.

  • How often should drain pipes be cleaned?
    The frequency of drain pipe cleaning depends on several factors, including the usage and condition of your drainage system. In general, having your drain pipes professionally cleaned at least once a year is recommended as a preventive measure.
  • When should I call a professional drain cleaning company?
    Some of the signs can include: - Persistent Clogs - Foul Odours - Slow Draining: - Gurgling Sounds
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