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High Pressure Jetting


Drain Doctor’s team of experts can offer high pressure jetting to clients all over Dublin and Ireland.

High Pressure Water Jetting (HPWJ) utilizes a focused stream of intensely compressed and pressurized water expelled from a compact nozzle. The immense force generated by the water is capable of slicing through almost any material. Commonly referred to as hydro-blasting or water-cutting, HPWJ finds extensive use across various industries and settings due to its remarkable effectiveness, formidable power, and exceptional precision.


High Pressure Jetting is perfect for:


  • Tank cleaning

  • De-scaling pipes

  • De-scaling drains and sewers

  • Floor preparation

  • Surface preparation

To discuss our high-pressure jetting services, please call Drain Doctor today.

  • How often should drain pipes be cleaned?
    The frequency of drain pipe cleaning depends on several factors, including the usage and condition of your drainage system. In general, having your drain pipes professionally cleaned at least once a year is recommended as a preventive measure.
  • When should I call a professional drain cleaning company?
    Some of the signs can include: - Persistent Clogs - Foul Odours - Slow Draining: - Gurgling Sounds
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