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Septic Tanks

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Our skilled and highly trained technicians can provide a range of services for your septic tanks system. Your septic tank requires regular maintenance to ensure it functions effectively and protects the environment at the same time.


We supply a huge range of specialised septic tank cleansing projects, our technicians are fully trained in confined space and working at heights so any job we tackle is completed in the safest and most efficient manner.


Due to changing times and the greater use of detergents and other substances, these solids do not breakdown as easily as before, it is becoming a new requirement in Ireland for people to need to have their septic tank de-sludged, without having this service maintained you may experience your drains backing up and it could potentially lead to a bigger problem.


If you have any queries about the maintenance or servicing your septic tank don’t hesitate in calling the experts Drain Doctor today.

For the best in professional septic tank cleaning services, call Drain Doctor today.

  • How often should drain pipes be cleaned?
    The frequency of drain pipe cleaning depends on several factors, including the usage and condition of your drainage system. In general, having your drain pipes professionally cleaned at least once a year is recommended as a preventive measure.
  • When should I call a professional drain cleaning company?
    Some of the signs can include: - Persistent Clogs - Foul Odours - Slow Draining: - Gurgling Sounds
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