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Common Misconceptions About Blocked Drains

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

It is easy to assume all drains are the same meaning all blockages can be dealt with in the same manner. Below are some common misconceptions about blocked drains explained. Myth: Plumbers and Drainage Technicians Are the Same. Plumbers actually don’t specialise in unblocking drains. Our technicians are trained specifically to tackle blocked drains. Every van in our fleet is equipped with high pressure jetting machines which are used to clear blockages. Other services drainage technicians are trained in are, CCTV surveys and servicing and maintaining grease traps. Myth: Store bought chemicals will clear blockages. Store bought chemicals or tips and tricks seen online may temporarily clear a blockage but it is not a long term solution. Not only are chemicals bad for the environment but they will only clear small blockages temporarily. If there is a more serious blockage high pressure jetting will blast the drains clear. After this if blockages keep occurring our technicians may recommend getting a CCTV survey to investigate further issues with the drains. Myth: Pushing the blockage will return the water to normal flow. Attempting to push a blockage down the line as a way of clearing it simply will not work. The blockage is still in the drain and this will cause problems in the future. Our high pressure jetting machines break down blockages to remove them from the drains completely. Myth: All drains work the same. In reality there are several different types of drains in your home. As they all serve a different purpose there are different ways of effectively clearing blockages. Our technicians specialise in clear all types of blockages from all types of drains. Myth: Water draining slowly doesn’t require attention. This is a sign that a blockage is starting to form. Even though it may not be cause major disruption it will only get worse. When you first notice water draining slowly contact Drain Doctor and we will clear the blockage before it becomes a major issue.

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