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Guide to Dealing With Frozen Pipes

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Coming into Winter frozen pipes might become a thought that crosses your mind.

Firstly, don’t panic if this happens Drain Doctor can safely thaw your pipes. To ensure you are prepared for the Winter ahead read below for some information about frozen pipes to help you.

How to tell if my pipes are frozen?

An indicator that your pipes have frozen is if the water flow from your faucet has stopped.

If this happens we advise you contact a neighbour to ensure the water supply has not been shut off. If there are no issues with your water supply and there is no water flow from your taps this could mean the pipes are frozen – especially if temperatures have dropped below freezing.

Why you should not ignore the warning signs of frozen pipes

If water freezes in your pipes it then expands. This expansion puts immense pressure on the pipes causing them to crack or break. No matter what type of pipes are in your home e.g. plastic or copper. They have the potential to freeze and burst if not cared for.

A frozen pipe won’t always burst so is it important to stay vigilant, know the signs of frozen pipes and get them professionally thawed at the as soon as possible if they do become frozen.

Tips for Preventing Frozen Pipes

Allow Faucet to Drip

This is necessary when temperatures drop to extremely cold. Leaving your faucet dripping will allow for water to continuously flow through the pipe and prevent pressure from building in the pipes which will eliminate the chances of them bursting.

Keep Heating On

Keeping your home warm seems basic but will help keep the pipes warm and therefore they will not freeze. Allow warm air to flow into colder areas of your home, keep cupboard and attic doors open to allow the warm air in. It is also advisable to try and keep the temperature in the home relatively the same throughout Winter. Fluctuating heat can cause a pressure build up in the pipes.

It is also important to keep your heating on if you are planning on leaving your home for an extended period of time.

Remove Garden Hoses from Faucet

Most garden hoses are attached to an outdoor faucet. If this is the case for you, remove the hose and invest in a Styrofoam faucet cover to protect your tap. They are cheap and effective.

Stay Vigilant

As previously stated, the most important tip is to stay aware of your pipes. If you notice a leak or the water flow has stopped from the faucet shut off your water immediately and call Drain Doctor to have your pipes thawed.

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