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5 Benefits of CCTV Drain Surveys

Blocked and clogged drains are every homeowner’s worst nightmare. They can blame their frustration on overgrown tree roots, small objects, and poorly maintained drains. CCTV drain surveys and inspections are ideal for diagnosing any problems or blockages. Using a remote-controlled camera, a drain specialist will be able to tell what’s wrong with your drains in no time at all. Whether you are noticing problems with your drains, or you need to inspect the drains on a potential property, here are the benefits of choosing a CCTV Drain Survey… Quick Analysis When you discover a blocked or clogged drain you want to resolve it as soon as possible, especially if it leads to no use of a toilet or sink at home! One of the main attractions of a CCTV camera is that the results are instant. A specialised camera expert will lower a camera into the drain and will be able to identify the problem on a screen in front of him there and then. Accurate Diagnosis Because the footage the technician is seeing at the time is live, he can see exactly what the problem is straight away. Therefore, he can recommend a long-term solution to the issue you are experiencing based on facts and not making assumptions that could be wrong based on little evidence. Cost effective Do it right the first time! The reason that costs can be high is due to numerous visits to sort out a drainage problem. If you go with a CCTV survey from the start it is so accurate that once the problem is found we can start fixing it, cutting out time and money it could cost to try find the issue in the first place. Minimal Disturbance Due to the accuracy of CCTV Drain Surveys, it eliminates the need to dig up the area around the drains to locate the problem. As the camera is lowered down the drain, once the problem is located, we can simply start remedial works on that location to fix the problem! New Home Owners It is becoming more popular with new home buyers to identify any issues with the drainage system on a new property before they buy it. It cuts out a lot issues further down the line, the service and technology turns what could be a long expensive task into a simple visit from our camera experts to assess the drains and give you peace of mind!

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