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Avoid Having Your Outdoor Drain Blocked This Autumn

Having your outdoor drain blocked isn’t what you want right now. The country is slowly getting back to work after a great summer, Autumn is here now. So it’s time to turn over a new leaf! As the weather changes, trees provide a kaleidoscope of colour in our parks, gardens and countryside. But as leaves fall you could potentially get your outdoor drain blocked. Maintenance is key this Autumn to prevent blockages in your drains and gutters from a build-up of foliage. Although leaves may seem harmless, and are biodegradable, excess leaves pose a threat to water quality. When blockage happens water can back up, which will eventually lead to flood in the surrounding area as well as in your own home. In large quantities, leaves will make your outdoor drain blocked which contributes to localised flooding. Autumn is well and truly here now, so if you haven’t started retrieving those leaves, now is the time! If you follow our tips, your drains will be protected and you won’t need to fix flooding or blocked drain issues in the future.

Clear & Rake up fallen leaves:

Be prepared this Autumn to prevent low water flow within your home by regularly removing debris and fallen leaves from your drain covers & shores. Especially after a windy day, rake them up to avoid them from collecting together and ending up in your drains. Our tip: If you have green fingers, keep those leaves to make them into compost for your plants. You can also get an outdoor vacuum cleaner to clear any debris you may have.

Check your drain covers

Make sure your drain covers are not covered in leaves or even check these are in good condition. This will avoid flooding in your house and getting your outdoor drain blocked also. Our tip: If you do not want to get your hands dirty with the rotting leaves stuck there, you can get net covers. These will prevent leaves from falling into your drains, and if cleared regularly you will avoid having blocked drains. If you feel there is a reduction in the water pressure in your home, this could be due to a blockage from foliage. If it is not removed it can eventually lead to flooding. In that case, our CCTV survey will identify any problem or blockage you may have. Sometimes it can be more serious like the root of a tree has disturbed the pipework under your home. The most important thing is not to leave any small problem become a major one. We don’t want you to quake like a leaf so contact us now. Prevention is the best cure!

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