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Burst pipes: Tips to prevent winter freezing

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Every time the seasons change, you probably feel unprepared for what the weather will bring next…well it’s that time of year again! Christmas is around the corner and so is this year’s ‘BIG FREEZE’. Burst pipes, blocked drains and water heater malfunctions, are just some of the problems we face throughout these winter months. Here are a few tips on how to prepare for the next few chilly months! Handling a frozen pipe If you experience a burst water pipe, we recommend you to call an expert. However, if you water pipe has not burst and it’s simply a frozen pipe, you can try to thaw it out by using the following steps:

  1. Wrap a towel around the frozen pipe

  2. Drench the frozen pipe with hot water

  3. Open-up the closest tap so there is a way for the water to easily flow away when it thaws. This prevents pipes from bursting.

Preventing burst pipes Let the water drip: On bitter nights let the water drip. Leave your tap very slightly on, let it slowly drip all night long. The resulting water flow and pressure relief prevents pipes from freezing and bursting! Insulation: Ensure all pipes are insulated properly, especially in your attic where the floor may not be insulated properly, and pipes have a greater chance of freezing and bursting. Plan Ahead: Keep heating on for longer, even at a lower temperature to keep the warmth in your house and pipes! If feasible and safe leave your attic door open for periods of time to allow the heat to reach the pipes concealed up there. Repair leaking pipes: Look around your house and garden to make sure any leaking pipes are repaired. What is a drip-drip in summer, that you might have overlooked, can become a full-scale emergency, resulting in burst pipes if not fixed before winter arrives. Be prepared: If your home has flooded before, make sure you have access to sandbags and waterproof sheeting to keep water out. Be ready to get expert help: freezing and burst pipes are most common during winter months, and the demand for quality plumbers is never higher. Remember: plumbing will be in high demand during the worst winter weather, so choose a plumber who you can trust, and that will be ready to help. Review your drainage system: If you are concerned that your drainage system will not cope, maybe because of past problems, or recent development of your property, you may want to review its current state also with a CCTV Drain Drain Survey Drainage pipes need to be in good repair in order to prevent bursting. That means being free from blockages, cracks, root intrusions and collapses, all of which can seriously reduce their ability to cope with winter weather. The answer is to have your drainage system surveyed by a reputable drainage specialist, to establish if urgent work is needed to protect your property and prevent a burst pipe during extreme wet weather events. Call Drain Doctor now for any questions or queries you may have!

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