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Clogged Toilet: What you should never flush

To avoid a clogged toilet, there are only two things that should be flushed down your toilet and they are human waste and toilet paper. In our experience though this is not the case, we are all guilty of using the toilet as a means of making things disappear as opposed to disposing of them correctly! How to prevent a clogged toilet That is until the toilet says enough is enough and you’re left with a clogged toilet, a clogged toilet is every homeowner worst nightmare. Cosmetic products We have made a list of the worst things you could flush and to help prevent a clogged toilet in your home: Bathroom Wipes: The handy way to keep your bathroom fresh, although they can be advertised as flushable they should not be flushed, these thick wipes stay intact in your pipes long after flushing causing problems in your sewer drainage and often leading to a clogged toilet. Feminine Products: Mainly composed of cotton and other synthetics, tampons, pads or liners should never be flushed down your toilet as they don’t break down easily. These products are responsible for causing over 50%of clogged toilets. Dental Floss: It is not bio-degradable and is a magnet for causing clogged toilets. Fats oils and grease Fat, Oils and Grease: Although it is a liquid when your first put it in the toilet once you flush it congeals and becomes a wax that will cling to your pipes and drainage system and cause toilet blockage. Cotton Buds and Pads: Like the cotton used in an everyday t-shirt you might wear it does not break down when wet. The same goes for cotton buds or pads. It can cause massive blockages and damage to your pipes. Despite any precautions you may take you still could experience a blockage in your bathroom, if this happens call the experts Drain Doctor, we are available 24/7 365 days a year at no extra cost.

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