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Maintenance Services

Drain Doctor® provides general maintenance services that exceeds the expectations of our customers. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and have built strong client relationships based on high-quality service, communication and accountability. Our general maintenance services will help keep your property clean, well-maintained, safe and secure, and your building systems in full compliance with the codes of standards. Our services are available on an as-needed basis, short-term and long-term. Specialist Maintenance Services As well as taking care of all your on-going commercial cleaning needs, Drain Doctor® provides specialist services such as carpet cleaning, repair of classroom furniture, installation of chalkboards, repair of broken windows, painting of building interiors and exteriors, hanging of vinyl wall coverings and their repair, installation of room numbers and signs, recycling, window cleaning, office equipment sanitising and pest control. Ready to cover any emergency, 24 hours a day, you can call Drain Doctor® in the knowledge that you will receive a professional service that is second to none. Call Drain Doctor® at any time and consider your problem solved.

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