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Rat Infestations: Identifying & Preventing

Rat Infestations on the raise

Whilst drainage plays an important functional role in your household, if they have been installed incorrectly or have been damaged they are left vulnerable to being taken over by rats! Rat infestations have been increasing steadily year on year for the past decade. Due to the massive increase in rat infestations, pest control has never been more important. Let us know look at some tips on how to identify and prevent rat infestations.

Identifying Rat Infestation

It is easy to spot the signs in your home if you do have a rat infestation. These signs can include:

  • Chewed paper,electric cables or food packaging.

  • Rat droppings.

  • Holes gnawed through walls.

  • Scratching behind walls or under floors.

  • Nest

If after thoroughly checking your house, paying particular attention to the attic, and you don’t see any of these signs, chances are the cheeky rodents are in your drain pipes!

Preventative Measures

Whether rodents have successfully gained access to your drains in the past or if you want a preventative measure to make sure this is never a problem for you, you can do the following:

  • Fit a protective guard over any opening of your drains.

  • Avoid feeding your pets outside near your drains as this may attract them!

  • Call one of our pest control specialists

Call the Pest control Experts

Our pest control department uses specialised CCTV survey equipment to gain access to tricky areas. Using this equipment our pest control specialist can see where the rodents are making their way into your drains. We will then be able to see what repairs may need to be made to make sure they don’t make it through the drainage system again.

Rat infestations can escalate quickly, especially when pest control specialist are not called to intervene. We work in a professional manner without any disturbance and will leave you with the peace of mind that you have no unwanted lodgers in your home!

Call Drain Doctor on 01 620 5724

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