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Welcome to our new website!

It’s official our new website is up and running! Take a look around at our updated services and information readily available to you!

The reason behind our new and improved website? Due to continued expansion at Drain Doctor, we have recently opened two new franchises in Cork and Galway!

We want to welcome John O’Byrne in Cork and Charlie Creighton in Galway to our ever-growing team. All of our branches will operate in the same way and to the same exceptional standard of Drain Doctor. All of our services are across the board and we hope to welcome more franchises in the future also.

Our Dublin branch is also continually growing, we have more vans on the road this year than ever before, we are ready to respond to any drainage or plumbing problem you may have and find a long-term solution to any problem.

We now have our own grease trap division operating in Dublin which is a great help to our commercial customers to always have someone to hand, this is also good news for our domestic customers as we have more technicians available for you!

We are very excited about our new ventures here at Drain Doctor and will keep you informed of any new franchises operating near where you live so you can avail of the expert knowledge from our team at Drain Doctor Ireland.

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